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Arrival and departure

Check-in is possible between 16:00 and 18:00 hrs. If you wish to check in later, please contact the reception in advance +31 (0)76 579 56 66. An early check-in is always subject to availability. It cannot be guaranteed.

Yes, these are provided as standard. Should you need more towels, please contact the reception.

Check-out time is between 08:00 and 10:00. Should you wish to check out earlier, please contact the reception. Late check-out is always subject to availability. It cannot be guaranteed.

Business reservations are allowed on request for up to 6 consecutive nights. Hereby a maximum of one person per bedroom is allowed. A higher deposit is charged for business reservations.

A continuous recreational stay of up to a maximum of 21 nights is possible, with an obligatory weekly in-between cleaning, which will be calculated after making the booking.


Included in the rental price of each villa is: 
- Final cleaning  
- Water and electricity (the properties do not have gas) 
- Bed linen, a towel set per person, a kitchen towel set
- Wi-Fi 

For all beds there is a standard set of bed linen.  
In addition, on each bed a set of bath towels ready. 
If during your stay you wish to have clean bed linen, this is possible against payment.Q: Are towels provided upon arrival? 

Smoking is not allowed in the villas. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a non-smoking guarantee, as this is based on the trust that the non-smoking rule is observed by the previous guests. 

Wi-Fi is available free of charge in each villa and in our restaurant.

 Each villa contains  Krups Nespresso machine.


In our pavilion, where the reception is also located, a toilet for disabled persons is available. This toilet can only be used during opening hours of our catering and/or reception.

No, this one is unfortunately not present.

You can rent bikes at 2Ride, they will bring the bikes to the villa. You can make the reservation via +31(0)6 - 54 73 01 97 or you can use their website.


We have several villas where dogs are welcome. In these villas 1 dog is allowed. If you wish to bring your dog, you must indicate this when you make your reservation. The surcharge for your dog is €30.00 per stay and a cleaning fee of €35.00. Please note that only some villas are available for pets. In the park dogs need to be on a leash. 

In restaurant Landgoed Bergvliet dogs are not allowed, on the terrace dogs are allowed.

Park regulation

House rules:

  • For the group accommodations (8 - 12 persons) minimum age of the main booker is 25 years. Bergvliet Villa’s reserves the right not to hand over the key upon check-in or to charge a higher deposit, at the discretion of the reception. If you fall under this, your reservation will be cancelled free of charge. For normal bookings minimum age is 21. Families with children are allowed.
  • Evening rest in the park is appreciated and nuisance is actively prevented.
  • Parties and gatherings are not allowed.
  • After 22:00 guests are requested to be indoors and noise disturbance will not be tolerated.
  • Upon arrival, all guests are requested to register personal details with telephone number.
  • Extra Guests are welcome, they must report to the reception.
  • Dogs are no longer allowed in our restaurant.

A Birdie (4 persons) allows 1 car to be parked. An Eagle (8 persons) or Albatross (12 persons) can accommodate 2 cars. Other vehicles should park in the general parking lots. 

For electric cars there are 2 charging points in the general parking area. In the park itself there are 4 charging stations. It is possible to charge electric cars using a fuel card. 
It is not allowed to charge electric cars at the accommodations! 

At check in a deposit is charged of an amount depending on the type of villa. The deposit must be paid at the reception, this can only be done by debit or credit card, cash is not possible. If, after checking, the accommodation is left properly and without damage, the deposit will be refunded after departure. If the villa is not left in accordance with the conditions, we are obliged to deduct the extra costs from your deposit. 

At check in you will receive the guidelines with points of attention for leaving your villa tidy. 

- € 400.00 for a Birdie (4 persons villa) 
- € 800.00 for an Eagle (8 persons villa) 
- € 1000.00 for a Albatros (12 persons villa) 


These Park Regulations apply to all persons present in or staying in Vacation Park Bergvliet Villas. For the Owner of the accommodation, these Park Regulations form an indissoluble whole with the Management Agreement and the Rental Agreement Bergvliet Villas. For the Tenant/User of a Property these Park Regulations form an indissoluble whole with the Rental Agreement. Both the Owner and the Renter/User are hereinafter referred to as "Recreant".         

Article 1- Applicability 
Everyone staying at or being a guest at Bergvliet Villa's is expected to know and abide by these Park Rules and the HISWA/RECRON Terms and Conditions. Correct observance of these rules guarantees the safety of our guests. If these rules are violated, Landgoed Bergvliet has the authority to take appropriate measures if necessary. Guests at Bergvliet Villa's must unconditionally follow the instructions of the personnel. In all cases not covered by the above provisions, the board of Landgoed Bergvliet will decide. 

Article 2 - Check-in, check-out and deposit 
In the travel information you received from Bungalownet you will find the time of availability of your villa. Key transfer takes place after payment of the rent and deposit. Landgoed Bergvliet does not accept groups of youngsters and reserves the right not to hand over a key upon check-in or to charge a higher deposit, at the discretion of the reception. The villas must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure. In case of early check out all rights on the villa will be lost. The villas should be left neat and tidy: dishwasher unloaded, fridge empty, windows and doors closed, lights turned off and furniture back in place and the parasol folded. No garbage should be left in or around the villa. Waste should be sorted and deposited in the appropriate containers. If the villa is not left behind according to the above rules, we are forced to withhold (part of) the deposit. Birdie € 50.00 - Eagle € 75.00 - Albatros € 100.00. In exceptional cases Landgoed Bergvliet may decide to deviate from the above amounts. 

Article 3 - Use of accommodation 
The villas each have their own personal furnishings. It is not allowed to take furniture that belongs in the vacation home outside. (Garden) furniture may not be moved to other villas. You are required to keep the rented property and its immediate surroundings in a neat and orderly condition. Waste should always be disposed of in the appropriate containers in the park, which are indicated on the map. 

Article 4 - Visitors 
Visitors are welcome and should report to reception on arrival. They are expected to leave the park before 22:00 to ensure a good night's sleep. If your visitors would like to stay overnight, they should always report this to the reception desk and are subject to different rates. Landgoed Bergvliet reserves the right to refuse guests and visitors must adhere to the rules set forth in these Park Rules. You are responsible for ensuring that your guests are aware of the relevant rules applicable to them. 

Article 5 - Night and nuisance 
Guests of the park must in general behave correctly and refrain from doing anything that could reasonably cause offence or nuisance to the Operator or other Guests. Between 22:00 and 07:00, the night's rest must be respected. We expect our Guests to strictly observe this nightly rest. This includes no loud conversations, music or any other noise. A security service is active at our park. Instructions from the staff (including this security service) must be followed immediately. Even during the day it is not permitted to use music carriers, musical instruments and other objects that cause or may cause noise pollution in such a way as to cause a nuisance. When we receive a complaint from a fellow guest, the nuisance is established in principle and we are forced to withhold (part of) the deposit. This amount is at least € 250.00 and in exceptional cases Landgoed Bergvliet may decide to deviate from this. Public drunkenness and the use of drugs or laughter (in the villa) is prohibited. It is also not allowed to set off fireworks in the park. Smoking in the villa or the use of drugs against the rules is subject to a fine of € 100.00. In exceptional cases Landgoed Bergvliet may decide to deviate from these rules. 

Article 6 - Drones 
You may not fly a drone everywhere. For example, you may not fly over crowds of people, connected buildings and areas around airports and other no-fly zones. If you don't follow the rules, you may receive a warning or a fine. It is also possible that your drone could be confiscated. The amount of the fine or penalty depends on the type of violation. For example, the Justice Department looks at whether you were using the drone professionally or as a hobby and whether you endangered people. 

Article 7 - Parking 
On the villa park the maximum speed is 5 km/hour for safety and noise reasons. 

You can park your car at the villa itself. Each villa has space for a maximum of two cars. Parking on the roads or along the roads is prohibited at all times, due to access of emergency services in case of emergencies. If these parking rules are violated, Landgoed Bergvliet reserves the right to remove the vehicle or have it removed. The costs thereof will be charged to the Guest concerned. It is not allowed to charge electric cars at the villas. You may use the electric charging stations on the general parking lot of Landgoed Bergvliet. 

Article 8 - Open fire and barbecue 
Open fire is strictly prohibited in the park. Flammable substances such as gas, fire or the use of fire baskets in, on or near the villa are also prohibited. All villas are equipped with an outdoor fireplace. These outdoor fireplaces can only be fired with kerosene fire blocks or compressed wood briquettes. Gathering wood in the forest is not permitted. Wood blocks including firelighters and matches are available for purchase at Reception. For incorrect use of the outdoor fireplace a fine of € 100.00 applies. In exceptional cases Landgoed Bergvliet may decide to deviate from this rule. The use of an electric barbecue is allowed on the terrace of the villas, at a safe distance from both the villa and the forest/nature. The use of non-electric barbecues is not allowed due to fire hazard. In case of special circumstances (e.g. extreme drought) Landgoed Bergvliet may decide to temporarily prohibit the use of a barbecue. 

Article 9 - Pets 
In almost all villas it is allowed to bring a pet. There is a maximum of 2 pets per villa. When booking you must indicate clearly in advance that you will be bringing a pet, as this is not permitted in all villas. In addition, a small surcharge applies. 

Article 10 - Inspection/Maintenance 
Landgoed Bergvliet always has the right to enter the rented vacation accommodations for inspection and/or to carry out maintenance work, without the guest being entitled to a full or partial refund of the paid or still to be paid rent. If possible, Landgoed Bergvliet will give timely notice of such a visit. In urgent cases Landgoed Bergvliet may refrain from giving such notice. 

Article 11 - Liability 
Landgoed Bergvliet and its employees are not liable for loss, theft, damage to property of guests or visitors of the guests and accidents that occur to them. 

Article 12 - Complaints and malfunctions 
Despite all the good care and intentions of Landgoed Bergvliet it may happen that you have a complaint. You should make this complaint on the spot and directly with the Reception to give them the opportunity to solve it immediately. In case of any malfunction, please report it to Reception. In the evening and at night you can call the emergency number: 06-38771028. 

Article 13 - Emergencies 
In case of emergency (fire, medical emergencies, etc.) the guest must immediately call the emergency services (telephone number 112) and Landgoed Bergvliet (076-5795666) or after 18:00 hours the emergency number (06-38771028). 

Article 14 - Removal from the premises 
All guests must strictly comply with the rules and regulations contained in the General Terms and Conditions and the Park Regulations and follow the instructions of the staff of Landgoed Bergvliet and/or any security service present in any form or context. This also applies to the rules governing the use of the facilities. Violation of these terms and conditions and rules as well as failure to follow instructions of the personnel may result in removal from the park whereby access to the park will be denied without entitling the guest to a full or partial refund of the (rental) amounts paid or still to be paid, without prejudice to the right of Landgoed Bergvliet to claim compensation for the damage caused by the violation. In general, a warning will be given first. In urgent cases, to be judged by Landgoed Bergvliet, this warning may be waived and the guest will be removed immediately and denied access to the park. Landgoed Bergvliet reserves the right to charge an additional security deposit in the event of a (first) warning. 

Article 15 - Unforeseen circumstances 
In cases not covered by the General Conditions, the Recron Conditions or these Park Rules the park manager will decide.